Thrity sucks

In early march I turned 30. My biggest fear was that my eating habits and lack of exercise would finally catch up with me. In my first few blogs, when I started for the triathlon I believed that by adding exercise to my life and keeping the same eating habits I shouldn’t gain any weight but lose it easily! I was wrong.

During my training I gained a few kilograms and muscle. My guns! I couldn’t help but show them off! I didn’t notice any other change to my body. I noticed that I was more hungry more often and my servings were bigger.

The big change came after the triathlon. I didn’t swim as much, I didn’t exercise as much and but I still had an appetite. The weather started to get colder and I started to get bigger. Soon my jeans didn’t fit anymore, and my and my dresses tight around the butt. It really hit me when my suit jackets could no longer close. I couldn’t use the excuse “my clothes shrunk in the wash!”. Personally it was a very emotional time. Shopping for clothes was traumatic. I could no longer fit into the sizes I thought I was. I would go into a change room with a size 10 or 12 pair of pants and BOOM I can’t even get it over my thighs. I couldn’t bear to go up a size. I kept telling my self, I’m not THAT big. The fact is, I was and I was in denial.

I was in denial for a few weeks, not doing anything to change my bad habits. My wardrobe was limited due to most of my clothes being to small, and I was too traumatized to even shop for new ones. The worst thing was not feeling comfortable in my own body.

Reality hit suddenly on a sunny Sunday morning at church. I was speaking to an older lady about cats (yes cats), and she straight out asked if I was pregnant, my response was to laugh and say no I’m just getting fat and we both started to laugh. Did I looked pregnant? I asked my sister, cousins and aunts and they all politely said no of course not, but you are bigger!

When I got home and undressed and looked into the mirror. My stomach was bloated and protruding. It was then I decided to do something about it. I made an appointment with the dietitian and packed my wet bag and went for a swim.


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